President’s Patter

Date: 2nd Nov 2019 Author: Nikki Benge

Let the Good Times roll!
Since my last Presidents Patter Scouting activities across all sections of the Group have continued apace. As a testimony to all the efforts of our Leaders to provide a programme of as much of a variety of relevant adventurous activities as possible I can reveal that 80 names were on the Waiting List in August. The ages of these prospective members range across all our Sections so now the challenge is for the Section Leaders to begin to absorb these very keen families into the Group as soon as possible. A good start has already been made with over two dozen new Beavers being enrolled into our Lakes and Rivers Colonies this term.

The Wonder Web!
I continue to encourage all those interested in the Group’s “Going’s On” to regularly “log on” to our wonderful Web site which I know has a great deal of computer input time spent on it to ensure it is never out of date and contains up to the minute reports and photos of all major news items involving our members and their Leaders.

Supporters Work Morning
Excellent turnout and many jobs completed – much appreciated!

Scout Association Awards – Rewards for the Deserving
Silver Acorn – David Gilbert, CSL Green Pack , ACC Cub Scouts (GLSW)
Medal of Merit – Mark Harrison, ASL Animal Troop
Medal of Merit – Richard Young, ASL Animal Troop
Medal of Merit – Rachel Harrison, ABSL Lakes & Rivers Beaver Colonies
Chief Scout Commendation for Good Services – Jenny Middleton, ABSL Lakes & Rivers Beaver Colonies
Chief Scout Commendation for Good Services – Robert Middleton ABSL Lakes & Rivers Beaver Colonies
Congratulations to all the above on their awards at the District AGM. Thank you on behalf of the 2nd Whitton Scout Group for all the dedication and service you have given over many years to our young members
Also – congratulation to Paul Smallpiece on the completion of his Wood Badge Leader Training for his position as Assistant Explorer Unit Leader.
It was a particularly proud moment for Margaret, Nikki, and I, her family and Guy her husband to witness the presentation of the Medal of Merit to Rachel. My Mum and Dad would also have been pleased, for modesty aside, this is the fifth such award gained by the Benge clan, mostly in service to the Group.

Thanks a million – A Turner tribute
Mary and Pete Turner quietly moved away from Whitton to Dorset at the end of August. It would be totally remiss of me if I did not pay sincere tribute to them both for the wonderful contribution they have made to Group life over many years. Many readers will have their own personal memories of their association with Mary and Pete. Both were long serving Warranted Leaders in both the Cub and then Scout Sections. Mary was the Our Show Wardrobe Mistress for a number of years and with her team produced a wonderful collection of costumes for both full production items as well as the line-ups and sketches. Both she and Pete appeared on stage as part of the cast many times, and I have fond memories of the character parts Pete played with such acting skill. Thanks you both for all your service both you and the boys have contributed to the life of the Group and Good Wishes for the future

Hope to see many of you on Friday 20th December at the HQ for the Group’s annual “220 HoHoHo”.
It’s the Group Families Christmas get-together, a wonderful seasonal sing along with tasty refreshments to follow. Not to be missed!

Geoff Benge
Group President

I want the public to know how Scouting continues to open young people’s eyes to a world of extraordinary promise and possibilities.'
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls