"In which we grow and grow"

At the beginning of the year, Ian Monk took on the role of Venture Scout Leader. Geoff Benge was awarded the Medal of Merit. A Group Activity Day was attended by 120 uniformed members where Group and section photographs were taken.

Sylvia Goold, Akela of White Pack, received the Chief Scout’s Commendation award for good service over a considerable period. Keith Davis, David Gilbert and Adrian Monk received their Queen’s Scout Award from Fred Hurll. Len Munday, a Leader with Green Pack died suddenly. Green Pack recorded its ninth successive District Sports win.

It was decided to continue with the practice of the Troop’s Bird and Animal Patrols meeting on separate evenings, effectively as separate troops. Ian Goddard (Troop Scout Leader) was awarded the Medal of Merit. Ralph Reader, creator of Gang Shows and Honorary member of 2nd Whitton died on Thursday 13th May. In September another Group Activity Day was organised by the Service Crew to celebrate 75 years of Scouting. A team from the scouts won Day Prowl and were joint first in the Scout Gala. The Group were strongly represented in the County Gang Show.

John Goddard and Andrew McLaren received their Queen’s Scout Certificates. Due to the demands on places for Group membership, a new Cub Pack was started on a Friday evening. Dave Sparling would be Akela of the new Yellow Pack. Ian Winter represented the Group at the 15th World Scout Jamboree in Alberta, Canada. In September three members of the Group took part in the Middlesex Canoe Marathon. Each of our entries won their class and Neil McLaren, Christopher Bunyon and Barry Malyon each collected gold medals and trophies. The two troops were officially split into two, with Birds run by Pete Turner and Animals by Robin Corti. Dick Lake continued his series of Venture Unit Diaries from 69/70 in the December edition of “Nulli Secundus”

Ian Winter and Steve Bellman gained their Queen’s Scout awards during the year. Green Pack football team won the Job’s Milk Cup for a second year beating 4th Hanworth 3-1 in the final. They also became District Cub Sports Champions for the 12th year running. All three packs joined together to visit the County Cubaree in the Hook Arena in June. The Group held its second fund-raising Race Evening. In September the Group opened its first Beaver Colony for boys aged 6 to 8 years old. Julia Tankard became the first Beaver Scout Leader. The Group’s first female Venture Scout, Jo Lloyd, was invested. Bird Troop won the District Swimming Gala. In May the Scouts and Leaders visited the County Base at Bethesda, North Wales for a week’s mountain experience.

The Group’s Annual Capitation Fee was set at £7 for the year. For four months David and Christine Gilbert ran the 11th Twickenham Cub Pack whilst the Group searched for a new leader team. Pauline Goddard left the Group to become ADC for handicapped scouts in the Richmond District. Bob Winter completed a four year stint as Group Chairman and was replaced by Mike Beal. A second Beaver Colony, Woodlands, was started on a Wednesday evening to accommodate the growing waiting list. The Tuesday colony would be known as the Rivers Colony

At the beginning of the year Robin Corti moved from his role as Animal Troop Scout Leader to Venture Scout Leader. Steve Bellman replaced Robin as Scout Leader. Mr Jeffries (Group Treasurer) and Pauline Goddard were both awarded the Chief Scout Commendation for good services. The Group celebrated its 50 years of existence with Jubilee events throughout the year. Christopher Bunyon was selected as a member of the Queen’s Scout Guard of Honour at the Remembrance Day service at the Cenotaph.

Geoff Benge was appointed Assistant Group Scout Leader with effect from 1st January 1987. Phil Beal took over from him as Akela of Green Pack. In May Geoff Benge was awarded the Scout Association’s Silver Acorn. In July the Group was shocked by the sudden death of Stuart Goold (Sylvia’s husband) great Group supporter and former QM. For the third year running the Cub packs were 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in the District Cub Sports. A third Scout Troop was introduced on a Thursday evening to cope with the increase in numbers; the Troop will be the Hunter Troop under the leadership of David Gilbert. Pete Turner retired as Bird Troop SL and David Clay replaced him as Acting Scout Leader. Lesley Begent took over from Julia Monk as Beaver Leader of the Rivers Colony. About £10,000 was spent by the Group in recent months on Camping equipment, the headquarters building and concreting the access road to the HQ and grounds

A three year Group Development Plan was introduced. The shock news early in the year was the sudden death of Ian Goddard whilst on holiday. Ian had been a 2nd Whitton Scout Leader for a number of years. He gave up three years ago to become District Commissioner of Richmond Scout District. Dave Clay accepted the position of Scout Leader of the Bird Troop. The Venture Unit raised over £700 for Comic Relief. The Woodlands Beaver Colony raised £100 to replace trees blown down by the previous year’s storms, it was a sponsored silence! Colin CarswelI represented the Group at the World Scout Jamboree in Australia. He and Rachel Benge gained their Queen’s Scout Awards (Rachel, first female in the Group to do so) and attended the National Scout St George’s Day Parade at Windsor Castle and marched past the Queen. Four more Venture Scouts gained the award later in the year being – Matthew Bunyon and Debbie Munday. John Northey retired as Group Scout Leader of the Group at the end of August. Geoff Benge took over as GSL on the 1st September.

A new marquee costing £1,200 was purchased to replace the old one criticised in a summer camp inspection the previous year. Sylvia Goold retired as Akela of White Pack on the 31 July after 20 years in that position and a further 8years prior to that as an assistant. Following a HQ directive from 1st September uniformed members of the Group would no longer wear headgear as part of the official uniform. A third Beaver Colony was started on Tuesday evenings, the colony named Lakes would meet before the Rivers Colony and Nikki Benge has agreed to be Beaver Leader of both colonies.

I want the public to know how Scouting continues to open young people’s eyes to a world of extraordinary promise and possibilities.'
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls