7 Wonders of Whitton

Date: 23rd Dec 2020 Author: Nikki Benge

This Term the Beavers achieved their Explore Badge by completing the “7 Wonders of Whitton” Challenge.

To complete the challenge – the Beavers had to work out the location of each “wonder” from the clues below. They then visited each “wonder” and recorded their visit with a photo. Finally The 7 photos were submitted in a document along with one interesting fact about each location.

Why not give it a go yourselves:

1. This famous sporting venue’s nickname is the Cabbage Patch
2. This musical place was named after Sir Godfrey Kneller
3. This dangerous place was part of the Hounslow Gunpowder works
4. This place is 12 miles down the line from London Waterloo
5. This place contains some fine forest trees donated by the Duke of Argyle, who also donated many rare trees from this site to Kew Gardens in the mid 18th century.
6. The junior part of this local school suffered a direct bomb hit during the 2nd World War
7. This is a place for “fun & friends” every Tuesday

Find out the answers in the Gallery

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